The town of Alcántara, west of Cáceres, forms part of the International Tagus Natural Park. The famous Roman bridge of Alcántara, built in the age of the emperor Trajan, and the convent of San Benito are two of the biggest attractions here - two impressive monuments you should not miss.

International Tagus Natural Park

This Natural Park covering 25,088 hectares and shared with Portugal is the habitat of a host of species, like the black stork, the Iberian imperial eagle and the freshwater crayfish. It is a beautiful site of huge natural value.

Convent of San Benito

This 16th-century convent located in the town of Alcántara, in the province of Cáceres, stands out for its architectural majesty, making this visitable monument one of the most beautiful convents in Extremadura.

Quarry of Alcántara

The Quarry of Alcántara is located five minutes from our hotel. This surprising spot is used in summer as a natural bathing area, and the rest of the year one can enjoy the tranquillity and beautiful views. 

Church of San Pedro de Alcántara

This monument, which was built after the saint was canonised, stands in the Plaza de San Pedro de Alcántara. The church was erected on the site of his birthhouse. Inside it, we find a beautiful golden altarpiece with the image of Saint Peter.

Tagus river cruises

Near Alcántara, it is possible to take boat rides in the International Tagus Natural Park. This is a pleasant activity for the whole family, during which one can enjoy the experience, the landscape and the interpretation of the itinerary.

Alcántara Classical Theatre Festival

Held since the mid-1980s, this is one of the most important classical theatre festivals in Spain. It takes place in early August, and includes an extensive programme of plays and activities.

Tench Festival

This festival has been declared of interest to tourists in Extremadura, and consists of tench-tasting, a fishing competition, a gastronomy contest and the awarding of the Golden Tench, as well as exhibitions, tours or craft shows.

Día de la Luz in Arroyo

This festival is held every Easter Monday in honor of the Virgen de la Luz, in the town of Arroyo de la Luz (30 minutes from our hotel). This religious celebration has been held since the 13th century, and the main attraction is the spectacular, famous horse races. 

Traditional gastronomy recipes

The gastronomy of Alcántara makes a visit worthwhile at any time of year, to enjoy the best of Extremadura's culinary tradition. Some highlights are "mormentera" (a dessert from the Arab era containing honey, almonds and anisette), and "caracolada" (first snails of the season).