Monfragüe National Park is watched over by the monumental towns of Cáceres, Plasencia and Trujillo, and contains an exceptional biodiversity which attracts visitors from all over the world.

Mirador del Salto del Gitano

This viewing platform affords spectacular views of the river Tagus and the popular peak-shaped rock formation, where one can observe Spain's largest colonies of griffon and cinereous vultures. Moreover, the place name originates from a curious legend.

Monfragüe castle

The towers of this defensive building afford impressive panoramic views of Monfragüe National Park. In the late 20th century, significant restoration and reconstruction work was carried out, until attaining its current state, in which it can be visited.

Astronomic observation

Considered one of the best observation points in Europe, the park has been accredited as a Starlight Destination for observation of the night sky. Monfragüe has an observatory and several astronomy viewpoints, where the beauty of the universe is brought closer to visitors of the park.

Vía Verde route

This itinerary runs along 17.5 kilometres, beginning in Las Habazas (near Monfragüe station) and ending in La Bazagona. The route passes close to the edge of the Monfragüe National Park, where one can enjoy the fantastic local flora and fauna. One can travel along it on foot and/or by bike.

Canoeing routes

Two rivers flow through Monfragüe: the Tagus and the Tiétar, offering the possibility of canoeing routes at the edge of the Monfragüe National Park, towards the Biosphere Reserve zone. This activity enables one to enjoy the beauty of Monfragüe's nature in a different way.

Mirabel castle

On the "Acero" hilltop, 30 minutes away from our hotel, stands Mirabel Castle, the remains of what was once an important 15th-century fortress. It was declared an asset of cultural interest in 1991. 

International Ornithological Tourism Fair

FIO is the leading event for professionals and enthusiasts of nature and ornithology. Its schedule includes activities for experts and the general public: technical symposia, photography conferences, guided routes, workshops, etc.

Rock art

In Monfragüe, at the foot of the majestic castle, lies the entrance to the "Abrigo del Castillo", which has a broad-reaching representation of prehistoric rock art, with paintings produced between the Epipalaeolithic (about 9000 years ago) and the Iron Age (about 2500 years ago).

Villuercas-Ibores-Jara Geopark

The natural continuation of the Monfragüe Park, this orographic area was declared a Global Geopark by UNESCO in 2015. In the areas it covers, singularly beautiful landscapes await us, as well as two of the most representative of Extremadura's PDOs: Quesos de Ibores cheeses, and Miel de Villuercas-Ibores honey.